How to start your own block club

Being a block captain can be fun and also shared with a co-captain. If you know of a neighbor that would love to help organize your block for a porch party, ask and share the tasks.

Decide what area you want to include in your block:… Some blocks are long so you could break up a block to make it more manageable.

Decide what you want to do when you get together… ice cream social, potluck, grill out or just have drinks.

Make up a flyer or invitation.… The CYCA can be of help putting something together and making copies. Just let us know what we can do to help.

Drop off the invitation on everyone’s front door with date and time.… Don’t put it in the mail box. Federal laws and regulation prohibit this.

Contact the CYCA… at 272-2922 or to register your block club. We need to know who to contact if there are alerts.

On the day of the event, sit back and enjoy getting to know your neighbors!

Collect and maintain a list or map of the neighbors on the block for emergencies.… You could include email addresses, the type of cars for each house, work, cell and home phone numbers.

Take the information gathered and put it in a format to pass back out to the neighbors for future reference.… Be kind in using this info for this purpose, no solicitations of any kind. This is strictly for your block’s use in an emergency. Safeguard this information.

The Cooper Young Community Association facilitates the organization of block clubs by providing you with materials and meeting space.… We will also help you and your neighbors meet the Memphis Police Department officers. We can provide you with numbers and guidelines for crime prevention and tips on how to use the services provided by the city.

Make your block a neighborhood… Knowing your neighbors makes you more inclined to look out for one another.