Welcome to the new CYCA website!

The CYCA has a brand new website. This update to our site is more than just a new design- we’ve added a lot of new features, new ways to find information, some new content, and even some new ways for us to interact with you, our community and neighbors.

Here’s a quick rundown on what’s new:

  • Categories in the right sidebar let you quickly navigate to the information you’re interested in.
  • A brand new calendar in the right sidebar lets you see at a glance the dates and details of events in our neighborhood.
  • Information about meetings, events, opportunities to volunteer, etc., are posted to the site in the same fashion as a Blog, which means the info is at your fingertips and easily located, always.
  • We’ve added a “Search” feature at the bottom of each page to help you find info fast
  • Our new format lets us interact with you: sometimes when we post new information to the site, we may open that post for discussion and request your comments and feedback directly through the site.
  • We’re on Twitter! Check the bottom of the sidebar for our latest tweets and to find out how to follow us so that your in touch in real time. When we post here, you can get a twitter right to your phone. This lets us let you know about urgent or time sensitive matters as quickly as possible.

There’s more changes and new features coming, and we’ll have more info about the new site soon, including some tips about how to find what you need, use Twitter, etc. For now explore the site (you can use the Menu at the top of the page, the categories to the right, or the search tool at the bottom of every page), and let us know if you have any questions or concerns by commenting on this post directly.

We look forward to receiving your feedback. We want this site to serve you in the best way that it can!

Thanks and enjoy!

The CYCA Team


  1. I am really enjoying this new website! What a great tool for Cooper-Young.

  2. This site rocks! It’s easier to view, easier to find things, and has better graphics than the previous one. And so many membership benefits – wow, I’m gonna be a member for sure!

  3. That’s great guys! I hope we can all get a lot more out of the new format and features, and get a lot more interaction with the folks in Cooper-Young!

  4. Web site looks great guys! Thanks for all your hard work on getting it up and running! You guys rock!

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