Neighbors Light the Way Contest!

With the Festival Friday 4-Miler coming to Cooper-Young on September 18, 2009, we’re asking for your help to light the way and to cheer on the runners as they make their way through our neighborhood — and to encourage you to encourage them, we’re asking you to have a party!

We probably didn’t need to twist your arm, but just in case, register by September 16th with the CYCA (e-mail and phone contacts below), have a party in your front yard, cheer for the runners, and you could be eligible for first, second, or third place prizes in our Neighbors Light the Way contest!

The police will close the streets from about 6:45 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Be sure to park your cars off the street if possible, and be sure your garbage cans are pulled back. Also, please keep pets and children off the street to provide the safest race route possible. Find a map of the race route here:

For info and to register your party mail: or call 901-272-CYCA (2922)

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  1. We are having a party, but will pass on entering the contest this year. Join us and bring friends!

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