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The CYCA is here for you, and we need your input always. Here on the website we are continuously searching for new ways to provide you opportunities to tell us what you think.  We’ve added surveys for the 4-miler participants, comments are open on many posts here on the site, the classifieds are here for you to help your neighbors when they’ve lost pets or are trying something new in our community, and we’ll always be adding more. With that in mind, we have added polls to our website as a vehicle for allowing you to let us know how you feel about important issues or fun events, or just about anything in our community.

So, click over on the right and let us know what you think on our latest poll. We want to know if you prefer to switch back to August for National Night Out Against Crime, or if you like the October date. Here’s more…

National Night Out Against Crime Poll – what month should Cooper-Young participate?

Many southern communities switched their National Night Out Against Crime celebrations from August to October due to the extreme high temperatures. This was the first year that Cooper-Young made the switch and it rained. October is also in the flu season since it is after the kids have gone back to school and the days are getting shorter so there is less daylight available for this outdoor event.

The CYCA encourages residents to host parties by reimbursing up to $50 in food costs for the first 20 parties that register.


  1. I think we should keep the NNO event in October. August is just too hot.

  2. Agreed… October is much better in my opinion as well!

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