Kroc Center update

A great article about the progress of construction at Kroc Center at the Fairgrounds is in the Memphis Business Journal.

Some Highlights:

  • Construction to start at the end of the month
  • Planned finish is next July
  • Memberships will be no more than $25 per person per month, with free limited access to everyone

Can’t wait to see this come together!


  1. Thanks for sharing Brad! I was wondering how that was progressing and what the estimated completion date is. $25 for full membership access is incredible and you add to that the ability to walk or bike over, then I can’t be happier!

    Also, great writing by fellow CYer Andy Ashby!

  2. Yea, I was really blown away by the price! After searching a few months ago for a gym to join with an indoor pool nearby, I was sad to not have many choices. We ended up joining the YMCA and although we have been happy there, it is older, farther away, and more expensive than what the Kroc Center has proposed.

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