News roundup to keep you warm this winter!

Well, it has been a colder and snowier winter than usual this year. Here are a few recent bits of news that just may help keep you warm.

Fire in the Hole (Bird on a Wire MLGW Blog)

MLGW’s blog, Bird on a Wire, reminds those of us living in older homes that there is a big hole in the roof of our house sucking warm air outside!

“Your chimney may be sucking conditioned air out of your house. Many older homes were built with fireplaces designed to burn coal, and many of them have no or inoperable dampers. If you use your fireplace and burn wood, be sure you have a properly functioning damper, and that it is closed when not in use. While giving lots of ambiance, a traditional wood burning fireplace often delivers little if any net heat to a conditioned home.”

The post then goes on to recommend looking into more efficient alternatives or even modifications to seal the chimney off.

Owner/Chef Ben Smith of Tsunami (Photo: Bob Bayne, Memphis Daily News)

What better way to get warm than the inside-out approach with a full belly of great food?  The Memphis Daily News has a story about the signature dish from one of Cooper Young’s signature restaurants, Tsunami.  Sea Bass with Black Thai Rice and Soy Beurre Blanc “became Tsunami’s most famous dish by accident.”  A great story and look behind the scenes at the economies of restaurants.  Read while thinking warm thoughts.

Chrissy Chandler in front of her Cooper Young boutique, Amazing Lace

Many instances of warmth over the last two and a half years started with a visit to Cooper Young boutique, Amazing Lace.  Yesterday on her blog, owner Chrissy Chandler announced she has closed her retail operations at 888 S Cooper St.  She cited security concerns and excessive costs of repairing vandalized store property and not enough retail sales to justify maintaining the retail storefront.  Chandler will continue business based from her website and has moved operations to a “quiet office and warehouse building which had comfortably put us back to our roots.”

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