Uncle Sam wants to stimulate you…

your energy efficiency, that is.

Mayor Wharton, along with MLGW, announced a new program to provide grants to homeowners in the city with up to $5,000 for energy efficiency upgrades.  The cash comes from the $787 million Stimulus Package, of which Memphis gets $6.76 million.

From the press release:

“Energy efficiency measures will include the applicable combination of replacing or repairing heating and cooling equipment, duct leakage repair or replacement, replacement or repair of water heating units and the replacement or repair of windows, doors and attic insulation.”

There are income limits which are in the range of $35,000 for a single person to $65,000 for a family of four.  See MLGW’s website for more information.

UPDATE:  MLGW made a blog post to provide more details of the program.

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