Save Union Ave Methodist Church – Public Meeting Thursday

From Memphis Heritage:

Save Union Ave. Methodist Church
Meeting Thursday, MAY 27th
6:00 – 7:30 pm
Memphis Heritage, Howard Hall
2282 Madison at Edgewood

CVS developer, Redd Realty, has a contract on this historic property with plans to demolish the church and put in a CVS and a large parking lot. There are other groups interested in purchasing the church for other uses. Please join us for this informative meeting to discuss plans and all the various options involved.


  1. It could be converted to a private music academy, or something of that sort. A second floor above the sanctuary floor could be permanently constructed using readily available and relatively inexpensive warehouse mezzanine. There is a company named Metal Products here in town that sells it and puts it in. Then you install your flooring and finish the rest out. A cooperative could be formed and the building could be bought, reno’d, and put up for lease to get the money back.

  2. And…. our city council voted to allow the CVS to go through. Great ideas above, F., but it looks like despite clear public opinion from the residents in the area, the council knows what’s best for us. Very sad…

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