Cooper-Young is One of the Models for the City

In a Commercial Appeal article today, there is an article concerning new proposed zoning regulations for Memphis and Shelby County that emphasizes the needs of pedestrians and cyclists.  In the article, the new development of Soulsville and the Cooper-Young area are touted as models for the new pedestrian centered developments, instead of big box retail centers accessible primarily by cars.


Memphis has many areas that are designed for people driving cars, such as big-box stores separated from the sidewalk by huge parking lots, said Mary L. Baker, deputy director of the Memphis and Shelby County Office of Planning and Development…

…”It would change Memphis by helping us reinvest in the existing neighborhoods, number one, and by getting a better quality of development when we do develop in suburban areas out in the fringe,” she said.

Some models for this type of neighborhood are the new Soulsville development in South Memphis and the older Cooper-Young neighborhood in Midtown, she noted.

This article is great insight into the future planning goals of Memphis.  Read the full article here.

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