We want CY to be the Smallest User!

Zombie Boys Interviewing Debbie Sowell

Zombie Boys Interviewing Debbie Sowell

If you missed this past Cooper-Young Community Association meeting, you missed a good one! We had Tom Chamberlain from MLGW, Ashley Akin from the Smallest User website, an awesome employee from Home Depot who showed us how to install a digital thermostat and the one and only Zombie Boys!

One thing that we all need to do is Cooper-Young is to connect with The Smallest User online! Why?

  1. Find out up-to-date info regarding the competition
  2. There’s nifty energy-saving tips and tricks on their blog!
  3. We want to win this competition and lower our bills
  4. And…you be entered to win $100 at Home Depot

That last one got your attention didn’t it? :)

Everyone who joins the Smallest User’s Facebook page or starts following them on Twitter before July 10 will be entered to win a $100 gift certificate to Home Depot to help you outfit your home with the latest energy-saving equipment.

If you decide that you don’t have a need for $100 gift card to Home Depot, you can be super charitable and donate your $100 to someone who needs help paying theirutility bill as a “Gift of Comfort” through MLGW.

So get to clicking!
Smallest User Website: www.smallestuser.com
Smallest User Blog: www.smallestuser.wordpress.com
*Their Facebook Page (including pictures and videos from the July 13th CYCA Meeting!)
*Their Twitter Feed

Resident Signing Pledge Card

Resident Signing Pledge Card

If you couldn’t attend the CYCA meeting on Tuesday, you may not have had the chance to sign a pledge card yet.  What are you pledging?  The Smallest User Competition is looking for individuals and families to pledge to help Cooper-Young become The Smallest User. The pledge is a commitment to saving energy, and as households commit to support the contest then MLGW will shade in the map of your neighborhood block by block. This will give you a visual representation of your neighborhood’s commitment. E-mail Ashley with your street address to pledge your support now!

Want to Take Your Efforts to the Next Step?

The Smallest User is also looking for block bloggers to share their energy-saving experience with their neighbors. You don’t have to be an experienced blogger.  You don’t even have to use a computer to e-mail to it them.  If you can write, have suggestions on how to save energy or want to share your experiences with the Smallest User competition, they want you! To find out more information, just get in touch with Debbie Sowell with the CYCA  or directly e-mail Ashley, a graduate student from the University of Memphis who is working on the competition and would be happy to help you collect your thoughts for your community.

ONLINE SPECIAL: Check out these videos that Ashley took at the CYCA Meeting! http://bit.ly/amL9mE


  1. What were the names of the government incentive programs? I know about the tax credit and Energy Right by TVA. But what was the name of the one offered by the state and the new one that the federal government will be rolling out this fall?


  2. I know that the federal program was going to be called Cash for Caulkers is now being referred to as the Home Star Energy Program (or something close to that). I don’t think it has officially passed legislation as of yet, but should soon!

  3. Wes – You can find some of the programs Tom mentioned at the meeting on our website: http://www.smallestuser.com. I have forwarded this question directly to him, so hopefully he’ll be able to give you a more complete answer. Also, FYI for all Cooper-Youngers: the date on the above article is incorrect (my fault!). We will be accepting anyone for the $100 drawing up until this Friday, July 21, so everyone please join! Thanks, Ashley

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