Lost Dog in Central Gardens and 2 Found Dogs in CY

In that Cooper-Young is known for its pet-friendly attitude, I wanted to post about an extended neighbor’s lost dog who desperately needs to get back to its doggie parents and also put the word out about two dogs that wandered into a yard on Oliver who are looking for their owners as well.

Lost Dog

This is a message received via Facebook from Central Gardens:

“We are desperately looking for our lost dog. She got out this morning and we don’t know if she can stand the heat. Small, long haired Japanese Chin- Named Imari (she is white with lemon colored spots). She is very old and almost blind. We are so sad and really want to find her. If anyone sees her please call Michael at 901.485.3588 Your help is greatly appreciated! Julie Cochran, 1631 Harbert Avenue”

There is no photo available, but it is possible, and somewhat likely, that this dog could wander into the CY neighborhood.  While you are out and about jogging in prep for the 4 miler, walking your dog or on the way to run an errand, just keep an eye out for this little girl.

Found Dogs

Also, a resident on Oliver found two cute Lab mixes in her yard the other day.  They had collars and tags, but when she called the number on the tags, they did not know about any dogs.  So, this good Samaritan is trying to find the owners.  Please check out the full classifieds ad here and let’s see if we can find the owner to get this dynamic duo back home.

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    Found on Nelson between Cox and E. Parkway on 2/23/2012
    Sweet Himalayan or Persian has on collar.
    Owner call 901-652-0794.Will need to describe collar.

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