Skatepark Announced for nearby Tobey Park

This morning Mayor Wharton announced plans to construct a skatepark in Tobey Park, just on the opposite side of the fairgrounds from Cooper Young, north of Central between Flicker and Hollywood streets!  This is great news considering the disappointment after the skatepark was originally budgeted and planned for Glenview Park, just south of Cooper Young, but was blocked by City Councilwoman Wanda Halbert.  The new placement of the skatepark puts it in the City Council district of Jim Strickland, who Mayor Wharton thanked in the announcement for his advocacy.

The skatepark is planned for completion by September 2011 with a budget of $440,000 planned from the city’s capital improvement projects budget.  There will also be a public meeting within 30 days to gather additional input.

See the announcement from the Mayor’s blog here.

Read an article about it in the Memphis Business Journal or Commercial Appeal.


  1. I’m glad they’re building one. I think it gives youths something and somewhere to be that is constructive. Do you know why Wanda blocked it in the other district?

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