Great Pumpkin Award Winner Announced

Great Pumpkin Award Winner Announced

Congratulations to Samantha & Jeremy Palazolo at 2077 Oliver for winning the 2010 Great Pumpkin contest! They will be presented with a wonderful cake, designed, baked and donated by Suzzane Striker!

Thanks to all who participated… including Kristan Huntley and Patrick Miller at 1956 Nelson who came in second, Sally Miller-Vondran and Jenna Vondran at 2106 Felix who came in third and all others including Summer Burkes at 2011 Evelyn, Sara Hallum and Ben Baker at 910 Blythe and residents at 2061 Evelyn.

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  1. I always look forward to Samantha & Jeremy’s Halloween Yard! Good job! Spooky and clever.

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