LampLighter polling for support

The LampLighter celebrated 21 years in publication in September. The CYCA is very proud of this accomplishment which would not have been possible without the dedicated support of advertisers and volunteers. The LampLighter, like many print publications today, is struggling financially. The paper is operating at a deficit for the third straight year. While the LampLighter staff continues to look at innovative ways to increase revenue through advertising we also want to explore what financial support community members would be willing to offer to maintain the frequency and quality of the paper.

Let us know what you think by taking think by taking the poll. Scroll down to “This month’s poll.”

We also welcome your comments on the LampLighter. Got a great idea on how the paper can better serve our community or increase our revenue? We would love to hear from you!


  1. I could not find the survey. My comments….

    I think the Lamplighter has been very important to the development of the neighborhood. I would hope that through a combination of cost cutting and fund raising, it could continue to survive.

    Cost cutting- I think it could be cut in half, in size, and remain effective.

    Fund raising- I would fiigure out, with a down-sized paper, what your operating deficit is. Then, see if you can sell enough subscriptions (letters of annual support, whatever) to make up the difference.


  2. Second try at a comment. This time I’ll make it short!

    Don’t let the Lamplight die. Even though Gene and I have moved, I spent over 20 years as a resident of CY. I cherish the Sunday mornings that Randall, Mary, others and I spent documenting the historic significance of the neighborhood. I moved my parents from NJ as they got older to show them a better life in Cooper Young. It was nourishing for all of us.

    I still remain a member of the neighborhood association and contribute whenever I can.

    I love walking into neighborhood businesses and seeing the Lamplighter.

    Try asking Urban Outfitters for a contribution. They will do it and it may sustain the paper for many years. Cut down the printed version to 4 pages or so. Your advertisers are not going to leave you. They receive a great return on their investment. Just having that paper available in the antique shops, Central Animal Hospital and restaurants for folks from the hinterlands to read is worth it to them and even more so to the neighborhood.

    I will always be a believer in the most diverse and vibrant neighborhood in Memphis.

    Louise Mercuro

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