Lick Creek Public Meeting Monday

Monday, November 22, 5-7 pm
Snowden School Cafeteria, 1870 N. Parkway

Please attend!

Meeting with Mayor Wharton, Councilman Strickland, and the Lick Creek Stormwater Coalition to discuss flooding and drainage issues throughout Midtown.

To get the most from this public meeting Mayor Wharton will need to know how you have been impacted by the flooding & drainage problems in Cooper Young. The solution has to be system wide so the information must come from the entire Lick Creek Basin, and this is another step in a long process of working with the city to help resolve the flooding issues and drainage related sinkholes.

Please bring a letter for Mayor Wharton explaining exactly how flooding & drainage issues have affected you and your property, what you have done about it and who you have reported to, as well as the costs you have incurred dealing with the problem.  Feel free to also include some of the following requests in your letter also.

The Lick Creek Stormwater Coalition is asking the city for:

-several strategic detention areas in the Lick Creek Basin
-strict enforcement of all midtown construction requiring on site detention
-a planned maintenance program for the storm water and sanitary drain systems
-the cleaning of open storm systems like Lick Creek at least twice a year and monthly in some problem areas (remove trash–don’t wait for rain to “flush it out”)
-a plan for the Vollintine Evergreen Neighborhood that includes community input and participation (because our neighbors got left off of the original study, and they have been hit harder by the flooding than most other midtown neighborhoods.)

Please bring your letter to the meeting or send an email to the addresses below.  The more responses the better!

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