Union Station Crime Update from Col. Bullard

The following info is from the Midtown Security Community.
On November 3rd, the Commercial Appeal printed a news article entitled “Serious crime continues to fall in Memphis”. While the article praised the Blue Crush efforts, it painted Union Station in a negative light. The article stated that crime fell in all nine precincts, except Union Station. It further stated that Union Station had an increase of nearly 6%. Regrettably, the Commercial Appeal did not accurately reflect our numbers. When they gathered data for their article, they used the statistical data from only one month. Unfortunately, that was the worst month we have had all year at Union Station. This data changes daily, and sometimes the numbers are misleading. I pulled the data this morning and Union Station has shown a crime reduction of 18.56% compared to this same time last year. From January 2009 to November 2009, Union Station had 5,619 victims of reported crimes. From January to November 2010, Union Station has had 4,576 victims. This shows that there are 1,043 fewer victims compared to the same time last year. Currently, Union Station has regained its first place standing in the nine precincts for crime reduction year-to-date. As of today, Union Station has reduced crime 18.56%. Raines Station is in the number two spot with a crime reduction of 18.37%.

In addition, month-to-date (November 2009 compared to November 2010), Union Station is showing a crime reduction of 40.58%. This ranks us two of the nine precincts, falling only behind Old Allen for the month.

Our Blue Crush areas for the week:
Zone 1 – Area between Poplar, Peabody, Belvedere and I-240. Our focus crime is Thefts from Vehicles
Zone 2- Area between Crump, S. Parkway, Neptune and Danny Thomas. Focus crime is Aggravated Assaults.
Zone 3- Area between Harbert, Young, Cooper and McLean. Focus Crime is Residential Burglary.

Last week’s Blue Crush effort resulted in 17 Felony Arrests, 84 Misdemeanor arrests, numerous traffic citations and 6 guns removed from the streets.

Things we are working on-
• Union Station Task Force is working in the Peabody/Vance neighborhood to try to reduce crime in the area
• Officers are concentrating heavily on burglaries in Union Station. All scenes are being thoroughly processed for fingerprints and all leads are being followed up.
• Union Station residents have just finished The Citizen’s Police Academy and will be graduating on November 11th at 6 pm at Broadmoor Baptist Church. Participants included: Mary Bowles, Elizabeth Byrd, Endy Carter, Robert Gann, Lloyd George, Janet Harrison, Bob Holden, Beatrice Johnson, Dallas Minner, Kathy Minner, Lear Mitchell, Edith Moore, Ester Moore, Stephanie Phillips, John Viser III, Eva Wade, Joyce Wilson, Karen Weatherly, and Linda Williams. We are very proud of our graduates for all of their hard work!

Notable arrests:
On 10/28/10, Union Station Officers responded to a burglary in progress call to an apartment in the 600 block of East Georgia. When they arrived, they observed two suspects stealing the water heaters and copper wiring from the apartment. Both suspects were taken into custody and charged with Aggravated Burglary.

On 10/31, Officers arrested a burglary suspect in the 1600 block of Vesey. He was an accomplice to a burglar that was apprehended last week and charged with burglarizing a house in the 1900 block of Oliver. A third suspect in the same burglary was arrested a day later and also charged with the burglary. We have not had any burglaries in that area since the three were arrested and placed in jail.

On 10/29/10, The VICE unit conducted an undercover operation in the area of Claybrook and Jefferson. They arrested 6 males dressed as females and charged them with prostitution.

On 11/1/10, Organized Crime Unit served a search warrant in the 1400 Block of Willie Mitchell. They arrest two individuals, recovered $19,600 in drug money, and seized 2,473 Xanax pills.

Colonel Lori Bullard
Memphis Police Department
Union Station Commander
1925 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104
Phone: (901) 636-4600

Blue CRUSH™ is a data-driven initiative utilized by the Memphis Police Department, developed in partnership with the University of Memphis Center of Criminology and Research.

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