Two Lost Dogs in Area

There are two dogs missing from the CY and Central Gardens areas that need to get home as soon as possible.

The first dog that is missing is a small, gray poodle.  She went missing last night (1-7-11) on Evelyn Avenue near Cooper Street.  She is very shy and may have on a pink collar. Please call 901-483-8288 if you have any information.

There is also a dog that is missing from neighbors in the Central Gardens area.  He is around 6 lbs and is a Yorkie/Pomeranian mix.  He goes by the name of Ozzy and was last seen at 6 am in the Central/Roland/York area.  He does not have his collar on and needs medication immediately.  If you have any information, please call April at 731-614-1835.

Let’s keep an eye out for these little furries and get them back home safe and sound.

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