Art for Art’s Sake Artist – Lisa Lumb

Art for Art’s Sake Artist – Lisa Lumb

To say that Lisa Lumb is multi-talented would be an understatement.  If her name sounds familiar, it may be because you have picked up Cooper-Young: A Community That Works (if you haven’t, it’s still available for purchase and is a great read!).  Lisa is one of the talented co-authors of the history book and helped put the vibrant story of the neighborhood into words. She was even interviewed by the Memphis Flyer about the book last September.

In addition to her amazing writing abilities, Lisa is also a fantastic artist.  One of her pieces which will be in the live auction conveys her longtime love of the neighborhood as clearly as her words do and features Burke’s Bookstore, Tsunami and Au Fond in stained glass.  You don’t want to miss viewing in person!  It is on display at Otherlands Coffee Bar until the morning of April 9th.

For tickets to the Art for Art’s Sake or more information, please visit the auction’s website.

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