URGENT Your Feedback Is Needed for the Lick Creek Drainage Basin Recommendation Report

For all that are concerned about the flooding and sinkhole issues in Midtown , Tetra Tech has completed a draft to submit to the city with its recommendations to help manage the Lick Creek Basin flooding.  Because we are on the top of the creek system, only a couple of CY drainage issues made the report and little is mentioned about resolving the collapses in the infrastructure which is a more common problem within Cooper Young.  This is still a good opportunity to be heard and help influence the city to address our problems.

Attached is the Lick Creek Technical Review in draft form form Tetra Tech.  This information is for your review and comment.  Please send comments to lickcreek@tetratech.com AND to  lickcreekswc@gmail.com by March 24th, 2011.

Tetra Tech is an independent consultant.  Tetra Tech does not represent the City but is to provide an unbiased technical review of the information available regarding the Lick Creek Drainage Basin.

Tetra Tech wants your comments so they can complete the report.

There will be a public meeting to present the findings and to hear response form City Planning, Engineering, and Public Works.

Thank You for your input and patience.  To see your comments in the report follow this link /Park Friends/Tetra Tech draft report.

Thank You,
Lick Creek Storm Water Coalition

To read the draft, please click below.  Please note that they may take a moment to load, so please be patient.

(Adobe Acrobat is required)

Part 1 (pgs 1-31)

Part 2 (pgs 32-62)

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  1. I have seen sink holes in my alley over the past 10 years but I am not sure if these holes are caused by ground infrastructure or leaky sewer pipes. There were two different holes in the alley between Barksdale & McLean behind my house at 1879 Nelson. The city worked on these a couple of times before they finally stopped the sinking. One of the holes continued to sink long after the city stopped checking it so I dumped several loads of landfill material into it until it finally stabilized. I noticed down the alley toward McLean, there is another hole that creates a shallow dip in an area behind 1855 and/or 1849 Nelson.
    Hope this report was what you can use to continue to support this project.

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