Art for Art’s Sake Artist – Alex Warble

Art for Art’s Sake Artist – Alex Warble

Speaking of multi-faceted folks who have donated their works, Alex Warble is another artist that is hard to fit into one category.  Many may know Alex through his unique music and his band The Warble.  You’d likely recognize the band’s distinctive flyers with the wave-line cartoon head, but what you may not realize is that Alex is just as serious about his painting as he is his music.  From dreamlike paintings involving cats, people and surreal landscapes to a big mural on the side of the Hi-Tone with Elvis and a tiger rocking out, Alex does it all.

This piece featuring bright, vivid greens and blues and one hip-looking cat is a prime example of a piece by Alex Warble.  It is on display at Otherlands Coffee Bar until the morning of April 9th.  For tickets to the Art for Art’s Sake or more information, please visit the auction’s website.

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