Lost Pets in the Area

We have three potential lost pets in the area. Please keep an eye out for them, especially while driving or biking.  Any info is appreciated.

Lost Red Cat

A male, neutered long hair red cat with gold eyes is missing.  He is about 1yr old and very friendly.  Last seen on  Thursday afternoon in the 900 block of Meda.  Please call Leslie 901-268-6819 if you have any information.

Lost Border Collie

Black and white Border Collie, named Glory, was last seen on Thursday on Madison near Parkway. She is a sweet family dog, but is very skittish and will probably run from people. She is from the U of M area, but may have wandered into or near CY.  For more info and owner contacts, please see the classified posting.

Lost Black Cat

A 2yr old, male, long hair black cat named Enigma, is missing. He does not have a collar and is primarily an indoor cat.  For additional info and owner contacts, please see Enigma’s classified posting.

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