Help Us Keep City Storm Drains Clean

Inportant Press Release from the City of Memphis:


CONTACT: Bobby Allen, 636-4349,

Help Us Keep City Storm Drains Clean

Do Not Blow or Rake Clippings into Storm Drains or Streets

Memphis, TN (May 5, 2011) – Disposing of lawn and garden clippings and other waste into the City storm drainage system can lead to serious problems.  This debris can create blockages in storm drains leading to neighborhood flooding.

It is a violation of the City ordinance to rake or blow lawn clippings into the street.  The City Storm Water Program uses various avenues to educate residents and lawn care companies about the detrimental results of this practice.  If necessary the Program will issue citations to violators.

A beneficial way to handle the clippings is to scatter them on your lawn.  They quickly decompose creating nutrients which are returned to the soil.  The clippings can also be used as mulch, which will reduce the amount of water required for flowerbeds.  Another option is to bag the clippings for pickup with your normal household trash.

If you observe anyone disposing of lawn clippings or other waste into the storm drainage system, please note the time and location of the incident.  If a lawn care service is responsible also note the name of the service or vehicle license plate number.  Call the City Storm Water Program at 636-4349 and give us the information and our personnel will promptly respond.  We appreciate your assistance in keeping our City clean and safe.

For more information on the City’s Storm Water Program call 636-4349.



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  1. If everyone adds a little trash to the sewers it will quickly add up and cause a lot of problems.

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