Lost Pet: Tabby Cat

Lost Pet: Tabby Cat

From the classifieds:

Just moved to the New York/Elzey/Cox block recently ~ my cat Daniel ran through the front gate as I was unloading stuff on Sunday afternoon (9/4/11) ~ hasn’t been able to find him since. He’s about 2 years old with light orange & white stripes & a small scar across his nose. He’s usually very friendly but I recently rescued him from another neighborhood about 20 miles away so he’s NOT familiar with Midtown & could be spooked. He could also be injured so please be on the lookout for him……I just want him to stay safe & to make it back home safely. Please call 901-308-6868 ASAP if you think you have spotted Daniel ~ your help will be extremely appreciated & I will offer you a reward if you can help me locate Daniel!!!!!


  1. Hi, I don’t know if you’ve found your cat yet. I was at the shell station at the corner of belvedere and union last night and saw a kitty that looked like yours. I got out and tried to call him but he ran off down south on belvedere towards one of the big houses. Hope this helps!

  2. My husband saw an orange tabby in the back yard 4 days ago (he just mentioned it) – we live on Nelson near Soul Fish. I will keep an eye out for Daniel.

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