Alley Grant Presentation from General Meeting

Alley Grant Presentation from General Meeting

If you missed out on the general meeting last night, you missed out on some yummy Camy’s pizza as well as learning a bit more about the research regarding alleys that they CYCA is doing and getting a first glimpse at the survey that was just released.

Although you may not have a second chance for the pizza, you can find out a bit more about the alley research study we are doing, as well as how you can get involved.

If you still have questions, comments, want to take part in a focus group or need a physical copy of the survey, please call 272-2922 or email


  1. I have maintained the alley between Nelson & Oliver for past few years but only from my yard to Barksdale. It takes almost an entire day to clear a section 5 houses long. If 2-3 home owners on either side of the alley would clear 2-4 yard lenghts, the entire alley could be kept clean. But it does grow back, so at least 2-3 times a year, follow-up maintenance is required. If CYCA owned a Bush-hog that could be loaned or leased to CYCA Members, the alley’s could be improved on a regular basis.

  2. I’m new to Cooper-Young, but I’ve moved in from Vollintine-Evergreen. The VE Greenline ran right behind our home on Jackson. It was, at once, a lovely place to walk and hunt for black walnuts, and a conduit for brats who drag raced go-karts, hopped fences to commit acts of vandalism, and a place to ditch stolen bicycles and yard tools. There is an alley behind my new place here in C-Y. I would love to be part of an Alley Activist group. The alleys have such great potential for good in a neighborhood. Let’s not allow rogues and thieves to overrun our alleys! Is there a block captain for Evelyn between McLean and Barksdale? How do I network this?

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