Phone Numbers for Many County Offices Change Next Week

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November 3, 2011

Phone Numbers for Many County Offices Change Next Week

Shelby County Government agencies, including the Mayor’s Office and Sheriff’s Office, will have new telephone numbers starting Monday.

On November 7, all county agency offices at the Criminal Justice Center, 201 Poplar Avenue and the Vasco Smith, Jr. Administration Building, 160 North Main, will have new telephone numbers beginning with “222.”

The “222” numbers will replace several telephone exchanges that begin with 545, 377, 379, 544 and others.  Most new numbers with prefix “222” will have four new digits assigned to them.

“Going to the new system will save $70,000 a year in phone line usage fees and make it easier for citizens to contact us,” said Shelby County Mayor Mark H. Luttrell, Jr.

For several months, people who call the old county government numbers will get a recording for the new numbers.


The new “222” telephone numbers are already being used at the Shelby County Health Department offices on Jefferson.   The Shelby County Corrections Center and other administrative offices on Mullins Station Road will have new telephone numbers in the next few months.


Here are the new numbers for frequently called offices:

Mayor Mark Luttrell’s Office: (901) 222-2000

Sheriff Bill Oldham’s Office: (901) 222-5500

Shelby County Jail Inmate Information: (901) 222-4700

Additionally, the new telephone numbers will be available on the Shelby County Government Website and published in the 2012 Blue/White/Yellow Pages.

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