Santa Photo Reschedule

Due to the significant risk of rain and storms tomorrow, we are postponing photos with Santa until next Tuesday, November 22nd. We don’t want you to look soggy for your Santa photo-op, plus wet dogs are usually not very happy campers.

If Mother Nature refuses to cooperate next week, or the Gazebo painting is not complete, we will relocate to the Winter Wonderland at 2298 Young (aka the CYCA offices).

To recap, Santa will be available from 5:30 – 6:45 to have his picture taken with kids (both young and old welcome!) as well as pets, be they furry, slithery or feathered. Santa loves them all!

All the proceeds go to the McLean Mural Project. For more info about the Mural Project please visit

Photos are $10 if our volunteer uses her camera and $7 if you take the photo or bring your own camera.

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