LampLighter Editor Needed

Interested in getting more involved with the LampLighter?  Love Cooper-Young? Have a passion for writing? Then this might be the perfect fit for you!

We are currently searching for a new LampLighter Editor.  This is an engaging job where you will meet a lot of great volunteers, residents and change-makers in the area. If you or anyone you know would like more information about the position, our existing Editor would be happy to talk on the phone (901-210-4391) or answer questions via email (

For more info about the position, please continue reading.

Job Description


  • Communicate and cooperate with the Ad Sales Manager, Layout Designer, CYCA Communication Committee Chair, and Distribution Manager.
  • Work together with the Layout Designer and Ad Sales Manager to create a production schedule that works for everyone.
  • The Editor must be organized, reliable, able to plan ahead, and proactive.
  • Communicate with writers on a monthly basis to notify them of deadlines and writing opportunities. Some writers need more reminders than others.
  • Utilize resources to be knowledgeable about community and CYCA events. It is a great benefit if the Editor is plugged into the neighborhood and the CYCA.
  • Respond to LampLighter emails and phone calls in a timely manner.
  • Whenever possible, assist Ad Sales Manager with ad leads or ideas to generate revenue.
  • Continue to refine list of volunteer writers, recruiting more as able. It is helpful to get out in the community (for example, go to CYCA events) and get to know people. This will help the Editor generate article ideas and find volunteer writers.
  • Develop a style sheet and edit all articles in a consistent manner.
  • Write headlines, headers, captions, and other copy as needed.
  • Collect images and logos that can be used alongside articles. Often times the Editor can ask writers to supply images.
  • Occasionally, the Editor may need to take pictures or recruit a volunteer photographer for help.
  • Ensure that all articles and images are sent to the Layout Designer by agreed upon deadline.
  • Work alongside the Layout Designer during the layout process, giving suggestions and feedback. Meet agreed upon deadlines for submitting edits and follow up with the Layout Designer, making sure proofs are coming in a timely manner.
  • Write a small summary about each issue (roughly 2 paragraphs) and send to the CYCA Community Director when the issue has been uploaded.
  • Follow up with the Layout Designer, making sure the articles are posted to the LampLighter website in a timely manner.
  • Average hours spent per week vary. The first two weeks of the month do not require many hours. During that time the Editor needs to send and respond to emails, decide on a cover story and cover image, and make sure that all CYCA and neighborhood events are being covered. The last half of the month requires more time. After the article submission deadline (the 15th of each month), the Editor will need to edit the articles, gather images, and communicate with writers who have missed deadline. The last week of each month the Editor will be busy working with the Layout Designer and Ad Sales Manager to put the paper together and ensure it is uploaded to the printer by deadline. This work takes approximately 60 hours per month. The vast majority of the work can be done from home.


  • $600 per issue – there are 11 issues per year (there is no January issue so the Editor has the month of December off).

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