Pet Alert: Found Kitten – REUNITED WITH OWNER

Update: 2/27/12 – the owner of the cute fluffball was found!  A neighbor recognized the cat and pointed the finders to the street where she often saw it.  The finders were then able to go to the homes and ask and eventually reunite the kitty with her owner.  She is back home safe and sound with her two big dog buddies.

Fluffy white kitten (possible Himalayan) found between Cox and East Parkway on Nelson today.  Has collar but no tags. (Photo withheld due to distinguishing characteristics).

Please call Byron at 652-0794 if this is your cat or you know whose it may be.

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  1. FOUND, WHITE KITTEN 2/23/2012
    Found on Nelson between Cox and E. Parkway
    A very sweet Persian or Himalayan with a collar.
    Owner call 901-652-0794 Describe collar

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