Pet Alert: Dog Sightings

There have been two sightings of dogs in the past day or so that we would like to share, in case anyone is missing a family pet or knows of one missing in the neighborhood.

Dog Spotting #1

A dark brown and white pit bull or boxer mix was spotted on the newer leg of Elzey, off of Barksdale.  Male, smallish in size, with a chain collar.  He is possibly an older dog. He was also spotted this morning by a runner headed down Barksdale towards Oliver. Unfortunately, residents have been unsuccessful at trying to catch him and have him checked for a microchip.

Please share the word in case someone is looking for him.

Dog Spotting #2

A resident spotted a dog running full tilt down Cooper Street this morning headed south.  He was brindle in color and possibly a boxer or pit bull.  Could not tell if the dog had a collar.

It is possible that the dog spotted above.

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