Pet Alert: Male Beagle Found

Pet Alert: Male Beagle Found

Male beagle found late this afternoon near Celtic.  If this is your dog, please ask for Natalie at Celtic.


  1. This sweet guy was found on Cooper between Cowden and Harbert. He has no collar, and no chip. He is about 5 years old, house broken, and very friendly. He is not neutered. Central Animal Hospital is housing him for the day and I will pick him up tonight. Please help if you know the owner or are willing to foster him. I won’t be able keep him much longer.

  2. A couple on our street lost a beagle but it was months ago.
    Sadly, I don’t have their phone or email.
    Evelyn between Cooper & Cox – I can get the address if you want to leave a note.

  3. @Catherine – Thank you for the additional information! I have notified the Idlewild Community Association (that is actually the neighborhood he was found in). In case you need to contact them, their email is

    Is there a number or an email address someone can contact you at if they are interested in fostering or they know the owner?

    @Blair – I think that the dog you are referring to is Sofi. She is a female beagle. Thank you for keeping an eye out for your neighbors!!

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