Art Auction Highlight – Paul Clarke

Art Auction Highlight – Paul Clarke

"Somewhere in Time" by Paul Clarke

Paul Clarke is a native Memphian with deep roots in the South. His most recent collection of work, “Wandering”, captures the now decaying icons of this fertile, almost mythic land.

Clarke states, “As I travel the Delta, I am inspired by what I see everyday. I look around and wonder about the lives, emotion and dreams of those who came before. These photos are the results of my “Wandering. I want to change the way others perceive the everyday world by stimulating their imaginations through my photographs. I am driven by images in my head. The camera is my medicine, without it my head would explode.”

Paul Clarke’s piece “Somewhere in Time” will be available at the Art for Art’s Sake Auction. His other works may be viewed at the Palladio Group and Gallery Pointle Flore.

To purchase tickets to the Art for Art’s Sake Auction or view more of the Live Auction pieces, please visit the Art Auction website.

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