Safety Alert: Burglaries on Meda

Two homes on Meda were broken into yesterday morning, between the hours of 7 am and noon.  The perpetrators gained entry by kicking in the back doors of the homes.

So far, the MPD does not have any information on the suspect.

Colonel Houston of the West Precinct requests that all residents be aware of anything unusual, especially between the hours of 7 am – noon.

Col. Houston states, “Sometimes the perpetrator(s) will ring the doorbell or knock on the front door to determine whether anyone is home.  It’s possible that who ever committed the burglaries may have been in the neighborhood yesterday morning, knocking on other doors before they found these homes unoccupied.”

If they sees anyone that looks suspicious or has additional information, please contact the MPD at 545-2677 (545-COPS).


Safety Alert

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