General Meeting Notes from June 12, 2012

Many thanks to all who came out to the June General Meeting to learn more about the results from the Alley Research Survey!  If you missed it, here are links to the PDF files of the preliminary report and the PowerPoint presentation.

At the General Meeting, several options for alley ground coverage were discussed.  Those include:

  • complete paving
  • planting a low-growing ground cover
  • paving a strip and using the sides as places for plants

There was some concern about flooding since we are in the Lick Creek area, so residents re-emphasized the fact options would have to be carefully considered so as to not exacerbate another concern for the neighborhood

In regards to the option of alley closure, some residents were concerned about how MLGW would access utilities.  When this topic was discussed with MLGW early on, they said that utility access was not a big deal for them.  MLGW workers could either access the back area through a resident’s gate or go over the fence.  It would need to be understood by residents that MLGW is allowed to go onto their property to perform maintenance or address issues at any time.

Currently, Kristan Huntley is working with the Mayor’s scheduling office to schedule a time to meet with Mayor Wharton, the City Department responsible for alley maintenance as well as MLGW.  She hopes to secure a time for all to meet at one table and discuss the survey results and possible options.

If you have ideas, suggestions or feedback, please contact Kristan at or 272-2922.

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