Cooper-Young Historic Plaques Available

Cooper-Young Historic Plaques Available

 The sought-after Cooper-Young Historic District Plaques are now BACK IN STOCK!  

These stylish, durable plaques are a great way to show pride in your neighborhood and your home.  Like before, there are two color options – silver and gold – which are sure to match any style and color of home.

Double-sided tape is pre-applied to the back of the plaque for easy hanging.

Plaques are $30 and CYCA Members receive $5 off each plaque (limit 2).

To order, click here. 


  1. Thanks for the reply! I am sure I am making this more diuclffit that it need be. But, what happens to markers not on your website? For example, you only have one plaque for Michigan, from Grand Rapids. How does a marker get on your list for the machine tag to be assigned to it? For the example you gave, the word plaque is in the title of the Creative Commons picture. If I title something historical marker and it’s not on your list, then it shouldn’t be picked up by the machine tag.Sorry if I’m over thinking this, I would just hate to be on the constant lookout to find I’m not looking out for what you’re looking for!

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