Safety Alert from Overton Park

From Overton Park:

We need all park visitors to be aware of reports we’ve received that several individuals were robbed on the trails in the Old Forest in the past few days. The suspects are teenaged black males and some are riding bicycles. Four arrests have been made in this case, and the Memphis Police Department believes the situation is now under control.
We take the safety and security of all park visitors very seriously, and are making you aware of this potential threat so that you can take appropriate precautions.
We have a very good relationship with the Memphis Police Department and they have been working closely with us. They have implemented directed patrols of the park, and maintain a visible presence here. MPD remains the enforcement entity responsible for public safety at all Memphis parks.
We have worked with MPD to install security cameras in the Rainbow Lake parking lot, which feed directly to the Real Time Crime Center and record all activity. We are in the planning stages of installing cameras in the East Parkway parking lot.
By all accounts, criminal activity at Overton Park has decreased. This situation represents a specific group of individuals engaged in these activities, not a long-term trend. We will continue to communicate closely with MPD so that they can address potential threats as we become aware of them.
We encourage park visitors to take safety precautions in the park as you would in any other area. Always be aware of your surroundings, travel with a partner when visiting areas that are not highly populated, do not leave valuables in your vehicles. If you see suspicious activity, call the MPD non-emergency number at 545-COPS, and call 911 in cases of emergency.
Please contact Overton Park Conservancy at or 214-5450 with any questions or concerns.


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