Request from First Congregational Church

A request from First Congregational Church for work for two brothers:

We have 2 young brothers (Denzel & Marquis Foster, ages 19 & 20) staying with us here at the church who we’d like to help get home to their mother and little sisters in San Diego, California. They grew up in Memphis under the care of their aunt, and were STAR unicycle riders with the Memphis Unicycle Club since they were little boys, which is how we have known them for several years here at the church. They have both graduated from High School and Pastor Sonia has been visiting by phone with their mother, who is as anxious for them to come home as they are to get there!

We’d like to purchase bus tickets for these guys to leave on Monday, October 8th – and send them with a bit of money to get food on the way. In the meantime – we’re suggesting that you might need some handy work next week that you could hire one or both of them at $10 per hour each? We suggest help with yard work, moving, painting, car wash, odd jobs, assistance with construction jobs, dog walker . . . they’re both capable and will wake up as early as you need them!

Just contact Julia Hicks, Director of Mission at First Congo, at or 901-481-8471 if you have a job you’d like to offer between now and next Sunday! Your payments should be made to the church and we’re hoping to raise $500 each for their travels, food & lodging.

Thanks so much – love, Julia

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