Walking School Bus for Peabody Elementary This Wednesday

Walking School Bus for Peabody Elementary This Wednesday

This Wednesday all Peabody Eagles, parents and supporters are invited to join the Walking School Bus! The School Bus will meet that morning at  7 am at the corner of East Parkway and Young Avenue (at the car wash) and proceed down Young to the school together.  This year, the Walking School Bus will walk in honor of 3rd grade eagle, Asjuana Clayton, who was hit by a car recently and is recovering with serious injuries.

Residents, the Walking School Bus will be making its way down Young Avenue to Peabody Elementary shortly after 7 am.  If you are available, it would be great if we could have neighbors cheering the bus along the way to support the safety of the children, Peabody Elementary and to honor Asjuana Clayton. Please make sure that your trashcans are off of the sidewalk and the children can walk safely.

The Walking School Bus is also in need of escorts to help ensure the safety of all the bus “passengers”.  To sign up to be an escort, please click here.

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