Parking Deck Survey

Parking Deck Survey

Rendering of proposed parking deck

Please take a moment and fill out this important survey regarding the plans for the proposed parking deck.  The deck would be located south of Young Avenue, between Meda and Blythe streets, be 3 stories and accommodate between 150-170 cars.

This survey is only for residents and business owners of the Cooper-Young neighborhood so that we can accurately gauge community opinion and feedback.  The survey should only take a few minutes.  Survey responses will be gathered until June 7th.

(Problems viewing the embedded survey below? Click here to go directly to the survey page)

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  1. I live just a few houses down from where the garage would be and while I don’t relish the thought of it I realize that there is not enough parking in Cooper Young. If businesses are going to succeed in the area they need parking for their customers. I, therefore, think that building a garage on the site could be good for the future of the neighborhood.

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