Update on Barksdale Mural

Update on Barksdale Mural

We have a small change in the kick-off date of the Barksdale Mural projectDue to an illness in the artist’s family, the Barksdale Mural kick off will be postponed until July.  We apologize for the delay, but we strongly believe that family should come first, especially in times of illness. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks.

Artist Michelle Reeves is still very dedicated to the project and excited to get it started, so she has requested that during the month of June we keep the ball rolling by collecting photographs of CY residents and Barksdale Mural supporters  that will be part of the silhouette on the mural.  Here is the info on how to get us your photograph:

  • Silhouettes are $20 per photo. This means it could be a photo of just you, or a photo of your whole family together.
  • Residents who have lived in the neighborhood 20 years or longer may have their silhouette included in the mural for free.
  • You may mail or drop off your photographs and payment to the CYCA at 2298 Young Avenue, Memphis TN 38104. Please make sure that this is a duplicate since it will not be returned. If you have lived here longer than 20 years, please note that in your mailing.
  • You may also email your photographs to info@cooperyoung.org.  You may submit payment online by clicking hereor you may mail us a check.

Also, in the meantime we will be completely painting the two walls of the mural the green base coat.  We had left it notched out in white to save paint but due to graffiti issues and visual appeal, the painting of the full walls will be complete in the next week or so.

Questions? Email us at info@cooperyoung.org or call 901-272-2922

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