Updated Parking Deck Image

Updated Parking Deck Image

Above is the revised version of the proposed parking deck in Cooper-Young.  The original version that we received from Structured Parking Solutions was incorrect.  Instead of a 3 story structure, the original version was a 4-story and not in proportion to what is being proposed.


  1. Still out of scale with the neighborhood. The design and finishes look cheap and ugly. I fear an unattended, open parking deck would quickly turn into a crime magnet. Working out a parking lot improvement plan with First Congo and other existing lot owners would be cheaper and less intrusive.

  2. I agree with David.

  3. I also agree with David. This looks like something appropriate for a strip mall in the panhandle of Florida.

  4. I also agree with David. I am not impressed by the design. It doesn’t give an accurate vision for construction.

  5. This parking garage is a terrible idea for our neighborhood. It would totally be a hub for crime, squatters, drug users and riff-Raffe’s. not to mention an eyesore and an immediate devaluation to our property. Besides, the one time of year when the neighborhood could benefit from more parking, during the C-Y Fest, the garage would be inaccessible due to the physical length of the festival. Please take a stand and let’s stop this mistake before it goes any farther.
    Thank you.

  6. that’s “riff-raff” not “riff-Raffe’s”
    … thanks SpellCheck…

  7. There’s always plenty of street parking further down Young and closer to Cooper/Central. Just because people are lazy doesn’t justify spending millions on this structure. Not to mention that in its current configuration, it will create a pedestrian dead zone. Are we still planning for the CY community, or for cars???

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