Dog Pack Update

This morning, Memphis Animal Services officers spoke with several residents who had seen the dog pack that we alerted you to earlier this week.  We were also able to talk with the officers and discuss plans for how to address the situation.

Memphis Animal Services will be on frequent patrol in the area in the next few days, especially during the early dawn hours in which the dog pack has been spotted. Although there have been no reported sightings of the dogs in the past 48 hours, we continue to encourage residents to be alert and cautious until the pack is caught. Please keep your cats inside, especially at night, and carry a cell phone with you when you walk in case of emergency.  If you spot the dogs, please call the Memphis Police Department immediately. Memphis Animal Services has officers on duty 24 hours a day that can assist the MPD officers.


  1. So what do these dogs look like, how many (I heard 5-6 on Channel 5) and where in the neighborhood have they been spotted?

  2. the dog pack varies between five and eight dogs. Residents who have spotted the pack say that three are pretty thin with ribs showing and 2 look like pregnant females that may have recently had puppies. They look to be larger dogs such lab mixes. They have most recently been spotted around Cox and York Ave.

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