Emergency Information for Festival

From the Cooper-Young Business Asssociation:

Dear Festival Participant,

We are so glad you will be joining us for our 26th Cooper Young Festival on Saturday, September 14! Please take note of some special instructions we have in case of an emergency during the day of the Festival.

If you need medical attention, please note that we have a RN Nurse Station hosted by Methodist Hospital located at B26. In addition, Emergency Medical Health Care is on-hand next to B26 with two EMTs, a stretcher and golf cart throughout the day of the festival.

B26 is on Young Avenue just east of the intersection of Cooper and Young on the north side of the street by the backdoor of the Ink Restaurant.

Instead of calling 911 for an emergency, please locate the nearest police officer and let him know your emergency, we have an ambulance located behind the Main Stage for transportation to the hospital.


In light of the recent event that has taken place in Boston, the Cooper Young Festival will take extra steps in keeping our Festival
Participants safe this year.

We have secured the Shelby County Police Reserve Unit as well as the Memphis Police Reserve Unit in addition to our Mini-District task force of 8 police officers plus 4 detail patrol under the watch of Lt. Wardell Smith.

We will be installing two Sky-cam cameras: one at the entrance at Elzey and another one at the intersection of Cooper and Young in the Bank parking lot.

If you should see some suspicious behavior like someone drops a backpack and walks off or anything else that you deem not quite right, please notify one of the officers that will be on-hand the day of the festival.

We would like everyone to be vigilant in this area and do not hesitate to let an officer know immediately of anything you think might be dangerous.

We appreciate you and your support of the Cooper Young Historic District!

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