“Questions” by Katie McWeeney Reception this Thursday

“Questions” by Katie McWeeney Reception this Thursday

The Cooper-Young Community Association  will host “Questions?”, an exhibition of MFA artwork by Katie McWeeney, through Sept. 22 at the CYCA offices at 2298 Young. The public is invited to attend the artist Reception that will be held Thursday, Sept. 5 from 7-9 P.M. and meet the artist in person.

McWeeney’s work investigates connection through dualities in color, material and imagery that stem from her experiences as an adopted child. She utilizes bright colors that reference childhood memories to create vivid, distracting environments. The shiny, plastic surfaces dual hand-drawn, collaged imagery of children to create a story that is both real and artificial. The repetitive image of a voided, white phone seeks outward possibility. The work questions human context with the curiosity of a child and the consciousness of an adult.

McWeeney is a visual artist that lives, works, and plays in Memphis. She received her BFA from Louisiana Tech University (2009) and her MFA from Memphis College of Art (2013). She currently works at Crosstown Arts as a programming and event assistant, is a freelance social media director, and maintains her art practice from her home studio.

Also on exhibition at Playhouse on the Square, is “What If…”, a focus on McWeeney’s most recent works of art. The exhibition is on display through Sept. 15.  For more information about McWeeney and her work, please visit kmcweeneyart.com.

For more information on the Cooper-Young Community Association or to schedule a viewing, please email us at info@cooperyoung.org.


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