Fireworks & Community

Please keep in mind that although it is not illegal to possess fireworks in Shelby County, it is illegal to set them off without a permit. Stay safe and enjoy the thrill of fireworks by going to a local display, such as the one on Beale Street.  There are often fireworks after the AutoZone Liberty Bowl game as well if you want to stay close to home. The MPD asks that if you need to report the illegal ignition of fireworks, please call the non-emergency line at 545-COPS unless life or property is at risk.

Also, when fireworks displays are nearby, cats and dogs alike have a higher likelihood to escape due to fear. Please keep your pets indoors New Year’s Eve night. A TV or radio on in the room with help buffer the noise. In case the worst happens and your pet does escape, make sure that they are wearing a collar and current tag so you can be quickly reunited.