883 S Barksdale Update

Last night we were joined by Ahmed Saffarini and his lawyer Patrick Bensinger to hear about proposed changes to the development project on 883 South Barksdale. After receiving feedback from the Board of Adjustments as well as the CYCA Board and neighborhood residents, Mr. Saffarini plans to modify his project from a four-unit structure to a duplex. Though he is still working with his architect to produce updated plans, he explained that the duplex will follow the craftsmen-style bungalow design. Each unit will be 3 bedrooms with approximately 2500 square feet and will have an enclosed two car garage as well as patio space.

Mr. Saffarini then took comments from residents about his proposed changes. The most common questions related to the overall style of the construction; nearby neighbors are most concerned that the building conforms to the overall feel of the Cooper-Young neighborhood. Mr. Saffarini was eager to hear specific design suggestions and some recommended that he consult with an architect familiar with the area.

New plans for this development are expected to be completed within the next few weeks; Mr. Saffarini has assured us that he will share his plans so that we can post them here for those interested in learning more. This project is currently scheduled to be reviewed by the Board of Adjustments on June 25th.  The meeting will be held at City Council Chambers 125 N. Main at 2 p.m.
We would like to thank Mr. Saffarini, his lawyer Patrick Bensinger, and their facilitator Jim Allen for speaking with us. Thank you also to all of the residents who came out to represent the neighborhood!


On June 25th, the developer asked for a continuance to develop new plans (see below).  These plans will be up before the Board of Adjustments on July 23rd at 2 pm. 


883 Barksdale