Proposed Plans for Dollar Tree Development on East Parkway

On Thursday, March 5th, the CYCA welcomed all interested parties to a presentation of two potential site plans for the new Dollar Tree at the site of the old McDonald’s on 995 East Parkway. The developers presented a revised Plan A which included an altered landscaping plan. They have also changed the exterior materials from brick and EIFS to brick and a cement board stucco system. While EIFS is not allowed under the Midtown Overlay with the exception of decorative elements, the new exterior materials meet the applicable codes according to the development team. It is likely that the only variance they would need for the revised Plan A would be a change in zoning from residential to commercial for the back half of the lot closest to Bruce. Plan A can be seen here:

Dollar Tree site Plan A

After hearing suggestions that pulling the building up to the sidewalk on the East Parkway side would be more urban and desirable, the developers presented Plan B. This plan included a slightly different building elevation compared to Plan A and, because the building in Plan B would sit at the front of the lot, it is possible that no special variance would be needed to move forward with this plan. This would, however, depend on the requisite setbacks for building so close to the street itself. Plan B can be seen here:

Dollar Tree site Plan B

Dollar Tree elevations Plan B

While the developers made it clear that Dollar Tree prefers Plan A, they are willing to accept Plan B if the community prefers it. In fact, they are very interested in your feedback on their plans.

So, what do you think? You can provide feedback directly to the CYCA ( or 272-2922) or, most importantly, to the Land Use Control Board. You can send your comments to them at You should reference the file number for this development, BOA14-67.

As always, we’ll keep you updated as new information becomes available.