How to Vote in a CYCA Election

Officers for the CYCA are democratically elected from our pool of members in good standing. All current members in good standing are also eligible to vote; to be a “member in good standing” all you need to do is pay your dues 30 days prior to an election. Our elections take place every year at the April community meeting and we stagger which officers will be elected so that each term lasts for two years. This year, we are electing a new president and a new treasurer. You can find information on our candidates here.

Take a look at the following steps to ensure your vote is counted and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 901-272-2922 or email us at

  1. Check to be sure you are a member in good standing. If you are unsure about your status, call or email us and we will check our database of members.
  2. Vote at the April community meeting by coming to the meeting and filling out a ballot. Please be sure to include your name on your ballot so that we can verify your membership status; any ballots without names or from those who are not members in good standing will not be counted. This year, the meeting will take place on April 12th beginning at 6 pm. You can find more information here.
  3. If you cannot make the meeting, you can still vote until close of business (6 pm) on the following day (Wednesday, April 13th). Simply review our candidates and email or call us with your name and selections. You can also stop into the office during office hours (9 am to 6 pm) that day and fill out a ballot.

All votes will be counted and verified the day after the election is closed and our winners will be announced online. We will also have an announcement in next month’s Lamplighter.