Why you should join the CYCA today!

Your membership supports the many productive things that happen in CY such as neighborhood clean ups, graffiti cover-up, informative neighborhood meetings, beautification and public art initiatives, and action regarding blighted property issues just to name a few.

The CYCA also advocates for Cooper-Young to government entities, supports Peabody Elementary fundraisers, organizes block clubs, and forges good relationships with our local police force to help us stay informed on issues that face our community.

When important things happen in or around our neighborhood that would affect our lives, we collectively try to gather info and find out what residents want. A perfect example is the Fairgrounds Redevelopment happening at our back door.

The LampLighter, our free neighborhood newspaper, depends on ads sold and your support to get the information to you 11 times a year.

As a member, you will be added to our email network that allows you to get reminders of meetings, volunteer opportunities, social functions, safety alerts and more.

We have a full-time Executive Director that provides support to residents and to the committees that keep our projects and events on target. Some of the committees include Safety Committee, Membership Committee, Race Committee, Beautification Committee, Code Awareness Committee, and Communication Committee.

Our membership committee has worked hard in the past and will continue to work to provide tangible benefits such as free notary services to
members as well as many offers of discounted goods and services from our local membership sponsors. See the “Extra Benefits of Being A Member” page link for a list of discounts and services.

Collectively, we have a stronger voice when it comes to seeking assistance with our local political leaders and working with the local police department.

Your annual membership enables you to be a voting member of the CYCA.

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