Parents know that college is more expensive than ever and that every little bit can help when it comes to paying for a child’s higher education.

Suzanne Abedi, the Cooper-Young Community Association board’s youth and family committee chair, knows this well and has long had the idea to establish a CYCA scholarship to a deserving Central High School student residing in Cooper-Young. That idea has finally become a reality.

“We are really excited about offering this scholarship to the community,” says Mrs. Abedi. “The scholarship is not just about helping students with their college education, but it’s an opportunity to teach young students how to volunteer and serve and work with other volunteers.”

The CYCA’s Cooper-Young Leaders Scholarship is provided to encourage students to understand and participate in their local communities. Cooper-Young has a strong history of neighbors coming together to make their communities more viable, and CYCA hopes both to invite students to participate in these efforts and to inspire them to maintain strong community ties wherever their futures takes them. The $1,000 scholarship is available to Central High School juniors and seniors. To qualify, he or she must sit on the CYCA board for a school year and serve on one of the various committees.

“The scholarship will allow students a chance to learn how a non-profit board operates and makes decisions,” says Mrs. Abedi. “They will get a chance to represent their fellow students, friends, and neighbors by coming alongside the decision makers and even help influence some of the decisions.”

The first applicants must submit their applications by March 15, 2019, for the 2019-2020 school year. Applicants should be enthusiastic about serving and improving their communities. They should possess leadership qualities and self-motivation. Awardees will represent the Cooper-Young community and the Cooper-Young Community Association and should therefore demonstrate integrity and a professional approach to all public platforms including social media.

Qualified applicants will need recommendations from teachers and counselors at Central High School and must submit to a personal interview with the youth and family committee of the CYCA where the applicant will be asked why he or she should be considered for the position.

“The CYCA board is a group of hardworking and dedicating individuals that put a lot into the community, and we have a lot of knowledge to offer to students who are interested in serving their communities,” says Mrs. Abedi.

For more information, email — Sheree Stubblefield

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