If the animal is injured: Please take them to the closest vet. If it is after regular business hours, the animal can be surrendered at Animal Emergency Center at 3767 Summer Avenue. They are open all night and weekend for emergency care.

Otherwise, please:

  • Take the pet to any local vet to scan for a microchip. If it is after regular business hours, you can take the pet to Animal Emergency Center. This service is free.
  • Post a photo (leaving out details such as sex, painted toe nails, a torn ear, scar, bald spot, collar color, etc. Have the owner tell you these things.) on Facebook’s Lost and Found Pets of the MidSouth page. Be sure to include the area where the pet was found and a phone number.
  • Post a photo (without identifying characteristics) on in BOTH the “Lost and Found” AND “Pets” sections of the Community area, the Commercial Appeal, The Memphis Flyer,, your community paper or newsletter,, and Facebook. Don’t forget your neighborhood association page, friends’ pages, and other pages. Be sure your posts on social media are “public” and not “friends only.” **IMPORTANT**If you are unsure of the breed DO NOT LABEL IT as the ad might be overlooked.
  • Please check with the Animal Emergency Center (3767 Summer Ave, 901-323-4563) and PETMED Emergency Center (555 Trinity Creek Cv, 901-624-9002) to see if someone has reported to them of their pet being lost.
  • Make a “Found Dog/Cat” flyer. Keep it simple: include a photo (hiding identifying characteristics), the word “Found,” and a phone number with area code. Post the flyer near where you found the pet, in outlying areas, and at local businesses who allow flyers, particularly at vet offices. Dogs can travel many miles in one day. Example of how to make an effective sign.
  • File a “Found Pet” report at the shelters. This shows you made a reasonable effort to find the owner if you end up keeping the pet or giving the pet to a friend. Please be sure to check the shelter regularly to see if someone has placed a “Lost Pet” report for the pet you found. Reunions have been facilitated by these reports.
  • Please do not take a pet to a shelter outside the city where it was found to try avoiding euthanasia. ALL municipal shelters in the Midsouth area are kill shelters. The owner may never find their lost pet if it is removed from the region.

If anyone contacts you claiming to own the pet you found, request identifying information such as sex, collar color, etc. You can request that the owner send photos or other identification such as veterinary records. Verify vet information by calling the owner’s vet’s office. They can verify the owner’s name, address, phone number, and pet (breed/description and name). Please do this prior to the owner coming for the pet, and for your own safety, please have someone with you for the reunion of the pet and owner. Unfortunately, people seek out dogs and cats for a variety of reasons that can cause harm to the animal. Please be cautious when returning any animal.

If you feel you have made all reasonable efforts to locate the owner, contact rescue organizations for assistance marketing the pet and screening potential adopters. Please read the information in the link below regarding rehoming before trying to rehome an animal without the assistance of a rescue organization. People look for free or inexpensive animals to use in dog fighting, laboratory research, breeding, snake food, and resale. More info here.

Rescue Organizations:

These groups will be more likely to offer help if you can foster or if you find a foster home that will commit to foster until adoption. That can be a few months. Keep in mind that many rescues receive 100 or more contacts every day. Be patient and persistent.

Note: Please send me a message if you find an error in the below info.

*Sunny Meadows phone: 901-363-7233

*Big Fluffy Dogs (This group is out of Nashville, but they sometimes sponsor dogs here. Not keen on pit bull-type dogs. Usually adopts dogs into homes in the northeast US. email:

*ALIVE Rescue Memphis (This group will work with pit bull-type dogs. Website: , email:

*Mewtopia Cat Rescue (cats only, email:, phone: 901-503-9328)

*Streetdog Foundation (This group will work with pit bull-type dogs. Only adopts to local homes. email:

*Savior Foundation. This group will work with pit bull-type dogs. email:

*All Heart Animal Rescue Prefers non-pit bull-type dogs. Adopts to homes locally. email:

*Woof River Animal Rescue. Will work with pit bull-type dogs and feral dogs. Message on Facebook.

*FurKid Rescue This group is based in PA, but they sponsor animals in Memphis. Will work with pit bull-type dogs and dogs with special physical needs. Usually adopts to homes in northeast US. Message on Facebook

*Perfect Match Animal Rescue

*Real Good Dog Works well with little dogs. email, phone: 901-652-9781

*New Beginnings This group is based in Olive Branch, MS. They help both dogs and cats. Good with cat rescue. email:

*Living the Life Animal Services Rescue

*Stray Network Animal Rescue

*Guardian Angel Pet Rescue

*Tails of Hope

*Imminent Danger German Shepherd Rescue (Breed-specific, try them even for Shepherd mixes)

*Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue Specializes in pit bull-type dogs.

*SOAR Doggy Rescue email:

*Rescue for JoJo (Not out of Memphis but sometimes sponsors Memphis dogs.)

*Dogs 2nd Chance

*Southern Friends Animal Society Based in Nesbit, MS,

*One Good Deed

*House of Mews (cats only)

*West TN Border Collie Rescue Breed-specific, accepts some BC mixes. phone: 901-216-5035

*East TN Boxer Rescue Breed-specific.

If the pet is a specific breed or even a mix of a specific breed, try googling breed-specific rescues and contact them even if they are out of town. (You can also check Pet Harbor online.) Some will transport.

Shelter Information

Note: ALL municipal shelters in our area euthanize for various reasons, including capacity.

Memphis Animal Shelter
2350 Appling City Cv
Phone: (901) 636-1416

Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County
935 Farm Rd, Memphis, TN
Phone: 901-937-3900

Bartlett Animal Shelter
5220 Shelter Run Ln
Phone: (901) 385-6484

Collierville Animal Shelter
603 East South St
Phone: 901-853-3276, 901-457-2670

Germantown Animal Shelter
7700 Southern Ave
Phone: 901-757-7358

Olive Branch Animal Shelter
7100 Stateline Road, just off Hwy 178
Phone: 662-895-4582

Southaven Animal Shelter
5813 Pepperchase Dr
Phone: 662-796-2491

Hernando, MS
If you have lost an animal, please call the Animal Control Officer at 662.429.9096 or e-mail Tisa at If you have lost an animal outside the Hernando City limits contact Desoto County Animal Shelter.

DeSoto County Animal Shelter
Director Larry Houston
1251 Humane Way, Nesbit, MS 38651
Phone: 662-469-8004

Horn Lake Animal Shelter
6410 East Center St, Horn Lake, Mississippi 38637
Phone: 662-393-5857

Tipton County Animal Shelter
8621 Hwy 51S, Brighton, TN
Phone: (901) 837-5919

Millington, TN
If you have lost a pet in Millington PLEASE contact
You will also need to contact the Memphis Animal Shelter to. Animals are transferred to Memphis from this Millington facility.

Fayette County Animal Control
Phone: 901-465-3456